Use of Cellphones

The Music Department staff recognizes that while electronic devices can positively benefit the educational environment, they also provide the principle source of distraction for students. In keeping with this belief, the Music Department has adopted a strict no-cellphone policy for all performing ensemble (band, orchestra, chorus, etc.) rehearsals. Any student who is using a cellphone in a performing ensemble rehearsal will be subject to disciplinary action as per the cell phone policy outlined in the student code of conduct. Disciplinary action may include one or more of the following: loss of participation points, teacher detention, school detention and/or suspension, and/or the confiscation of the device. All music students are expected to store their phones in a bag/purse, instrument locker (if applicable), hall locker, or another location, not on the student’s person, where the device is safely out of sight.


  • There is absolutely NO GUM permitted in the chorus room.  This includes non-singing time as well as lessons.  In addition, there are no foods or drinks (except water) permitted in the room.
  • Please be respectful of others who have to use the chairs and keep your feet off the furniture.
  • Under no circumstances will any student touch or play either the piano or the keyboard without the teacher’s permission.


  • Each student will be assigned a folder.
  • At the start of each class period students should collect their folder from the rack and take their seat – folders will be collected at the end of the period by volunteers in each section.
  • Your folder is YOUR responsibility and you must take care of it.  If you write on it, tear it, or damage it in any way YOU will be responsible for the $15.00 replacement cost.
  • If your folder is misplaced YOU will be responsible for the cost of the folder AND that of any original music inside.


  • Each student will be given music with a number that matches the folder that they have been assigned.
  • As with the folders, YOU are responsible for taking care of your music and will have to replace it if it is lost or damaged.


  • You will each be assigned to a lesson group that will meet once per week on the SAME DAY during different periods.
  • Lessons are a CURRICULAR requirement for Chorus.  You are responsible for one lesson per week.
  • On the day and period of your lesson you are to meet your teacher at their room, gather any assignments that they may have for you, and report to the chorus room.
  • It is your teacher’s RIGHT to keep you if they deem necessary or if you are performing poorly in that class.  When this happens, YOU are responsible for making up that lesson.
  • If you miss a lesson, you will have TWO WEEKS to make it up.  After that time you will loose credit for that lesson.

Make-Up Lessons

  • Make up lessons will be offered every week.
  • As with regular lessons, it is your teacher’s discretion whether or not to allow you to attend.



  • 30% Lessons
    Each student will be graded for each lesson on a 4 point scale.  This grade will reflect the student’s preparedness, participation, and/or effort.  
  • 40% Participation
    Participation will be determined by the student’s preparedness, punctuality, and effort level while in their rehearsals.  Gum chewing, talking, lateness, and other disruptive acts that detract from the effectiveness of rehearsal will result in a lowered participation grade.
    CONCERT ATTENDANCE:  A significant portion of each student’s grade will be determined by concert attendance, punctuality, preparedness, and overall demeanor while in the warm-up room and on the risers.
  • 30% Assessments
    This portion will include written quizzes, written tests, playing tests, proficiency tests, mid-term and final exams.

Concerts and Performances

  • You are required as a member of the chorus (both Junior and Senior High) to attend ALL scheduled performances of the ensemble (Winter Concert, Pops Concert, Spring Concert, AND Graduation (Senior High Only))
  • Dates for all performances are on the SCHOOL DISTRICT CALENDAR.  Any changes to these dates will be posted as soon as available.
  • Failure to attend a concert will adversely affect a student’s grade.

Excused Absences

The following will constitute the ONLY acceptable absences from a performance:


Family Emergency with parent note

Students with an excused concert absence will be assigned an appropriate make-up assignment to receive credit.

Concert Attendance Policy

In an effort to continue teaching good character at the Junior Senior High School we require that all JH students and audience members remain for the duration of the performance so we may acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of all of our performing students.

If you have an unavoidable conflict and will not be able to remain for the duration of the concert, we require that a note be submitted to Mrs. Turk no later than one week prior to the performance.  A list of excused students will be given to the concert chaperones and any child whose name does not appear on that list will not be excused.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and attention to this matter.