Required and Optional Equipment

Required Equipment

Every golfer must have their own set of golf clubs (14 clubs max), golf bag, balls and tees. In addition, every golfer must have a copy of the USGA Rules of Golf*.

*Electronic devices (cellphones, PDAs, etc) will not be permitted on the golf course during matches and practice rounds prohibiting golfers from using rules apps.

Recommended Equipment

Golf Shoes (Soft Spikes Only)
Rain Shirt
Rain Gloves
Rain Hat (Usually a waterproof bucket hat)

Required Attire

Range days:

On range days there are no restrictions on attire however, remember that you represent your coach, your school and your community. Do not wear questionable or inappropriate articles of clothing.

Practice Rounds:

Any time you are on the golf course you are required to wear appropriate golf attire. This consists of collared golf shirts, pants, capris, golf skirt, long shorts, golf shoes or sneakers. No jeans, tank tops, sweat suits, t-shirts, gym shorts, bicycle shorts, halter-tops, or short shorts.


During matches you are required to wear the following, and only the following:

  • Team Hat
  • Team Shirt
  • Khaki Pants or Shorts (team will all wear the same thing, decided in advance)
  • Golf Shoes or Sneakers